Isagenix Ramadhan Challenge (18 Ramadhan)

Weight: 70.5kg

Waist: 35.5″

Arm: 12.2″

Thigh: 52cm


  • Shake (2 scoops) + oat
  • 2 glass of water
  • E-shot+ionic
  • Bread+Nutella

I’m not losing weight as fast as I hoped. Maybe because I’m building muscles at the same time by doing exercises? Anyway, I still put some hope of at least 3kg weight loss.


Isagenix Ramadhan Challenge (15 Ramadhan)

Weight: 70.8kg


  • Meal shake+oat
  • E-shot, Ionix
  • 2 glass of water

Break fast:

  • Meal shake+2 dates
  • 4 glass water (2 before shake + 2 after)
  • A handful of popcorn


  • 1 glass water+cleanse
  • 1 small serving of spaghetti Bolognese
  • 2 glass water

Before bed:

  • 1 glass water

Total water intake: 2.25L

Isagenix Ramadhan Challenge (14 Ramadhan)

Starting weight (1week ago): 71.3kg

Current weight: 70.9kg

Target weight: 65-66kg by end of Ramadhan ๐Ÿคจ

Waist: 36″ (increase 0.5″)

Arm: 12.5″ (drop 0.5″)

Thigh: 52cm (increase 1cm)

My meal plan:


  • 2 glass of water (1 of it is Amped Hydrate) (500ml)
  • Meal shake + oat for extra sustenance

Breaking of fast:

  • 2 glass of water (500ml)
  • Meal shake
  • Meal (no rice) (6.30pm)
  • 2 glass of water (500ml), mix with Cleanse
  • Banana x 1
  • 2 glass of water before ๐Ÿ’ค (500ml)

Total water intake: 2L

Month #2 Isagenix Day #22

Weight: 70.4kg

Waist: 35.5″

This month is a bit challenging to maintain the diet because instead of a 2-days weekend, we have had 3-days weekend for the past 3 weeks consecutively. And I know what happened during weekends – I tend to eat out and eat more.

For instance today my 1200kcal plan went out of the window as my family decided to eat breakfast outside (and it’s impossible to say no to the delicious mee kolok!). Anticipating this plan, I started my morning with workout which I hoped was enough to burn off the calories from the mee kolok:

The perk of owning a Fitbit is being able to sync the workout sessions in FitStar (also by Fitbit) to my Fitbit account so I could see its impact to my calories plan. For example, if I did an activity that is expected to burn 127kcal, my calories budget will be adjust accordingly.

At lunch time, we cooked at home and I managed to control my portion.

My undoing only happened later in the evening when we went to the shopping mall and then decided to dine at Pizza Hut.

Instant regret and self-loathe set in, for not being able to restrain myself during dinner!

There you go, my undoing on myself tonight.

Nevertheless, it’s no use beating myself over things that had already happened.

On a lighter note, I can finally shop at Padini, which previously is something that I wished to be able doing.

I certainly hope that I will be losing more weight this month!

Month #2 Isagenix Day #13

Weight: 71.3kg

Waist: 36.5″

Arm: 13″

Thigh: 51cm

Month #2 is where I start focusing on losing visceral fat by going for runs. The downside is not losing my weight as fast as the first month since I started to build muscles (I hope that’s the reason!). On the other hand, after Cleanse Day #1, I could see more pounds dropping off compared to before I started running (which I normally only saw the result after Cleanse Day#2).

Take for instance today:

I managed to lose 1kg after having Cleanse Day yesterday. It was amazing to think that my muscles are burning off calories faster than before.

Tonight I went for a jog and could see that there is a slight improvement in the grounds covered:

In fact I was able to jog steadily for almost 2km before starting to feel sore on my body’s side. My body was able to figure out the running rhythm and tempo faster than before, making it comfortable for me to continue jogging.

I’m hoping to go down to 70kg by end of this week, so I could focus on hitting the 60s kg next week, Ameen… ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

After 30 days’ Isagenix trial

So this is my stats after a month of consuming Isagenix. I managed to lose almost 5kg, which gave me the motivation to get more active and drink more water. I am more conscious of my food intake, although I could have been more disciplined in sticking to the meal plan (I seldom take the shake twice a day as recommended). Which is why I believe that I could have dropped more weight and perhaps even achieved 5kg loss if I had.

But for now, restoring my faith in my body’s capability to lose weight is something that is more important. So for the moment, I’m sticking to this Isagenix products and continue with my weight loss journey. Hopefully things will be smooth sailing until I reach my goal of losing 20kg by end of this year in time for my anniversary ๐Ÿ‘ฐ๐Ÿคต

Areas for improvement:

1. Incorporating more veggies and fruits in my meals

2. Sticking to 2-day cleanse plan

3. Getting 8 hours of ๐Ÿ’ค every day

4. Going for 10k steps a day instead of just 5k daily.

I know I can do this! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป