Day #16 Isagenix Trial

This morning when I woke up, I was a bit hesitant to step on the weighing scale for fear of finding myself back at 73kg.

But to my surprise, I saw that my weight was:

Yeay, I managed to maintain below 73kg this weekend! Alhamdulillah, thank God for making Cleanse work for me 😘

So overall, let’s see my other two targets.

Target #2: To exercise 3x weekly:

Although the exercise is short and light, I still find ways to squeeze in at least 10mins to do it. I’m waiting until I’ve lost 5kg before I start aiming for at least 20mins exercise per session.

I really got moving today – hiking in the morning and then 30-min swimming session in the evening. It was hugely satisfying.

Target #3: to drink 3L water every day

It’s harder to gulp down water when at home during weekend. There are too many distractions that I found myself having to drink 1L+ at night in order to meet my daily goal. Still I won’t give up, knowing that keeping my body hydrated will boost my metabolism and rid my body of toxins that made it hard for my body to function efficiently.

Next week, I anticipate some challenges in the form of PMS. I’ve already noticed some symptoms like extra cravings for chocolates and possibly water retention. Hope that I will still be able to aim for 71kg next week! Gambatte!

Day #15 Isagenix trial

Weight: 72.2kg 😊

Can’t believe that it has been 15 days since I took this product, and in that 15 days, I’ve lost 3kg! I started with 75.2kg and this morning I weighed myself and was delighted to see my weight loss has reached more than half of the target I set at the beginning (to lose 5kg by end of this month).

Still as I said in my previous post that this weekend is about maintaining the 72kg and avoid from getting to 73kg again. However I seemed to be letting it loose today, eating more than what I allowed myself.

Breakfast was shake and followed by a plate of rice and the delicious sambal hitam Pahang. Lunch was shake again. But dinner was quite heavy – fried calamari, spaghetti marinara and apple tarte. I just hope tonight’s dinner will not end up with me gaining back my previous week’s weight 😳

Day #14 Isagenix trial

Weight: 72.4kg

Waist: 37.5″

Praise to God that I managed to meet my weekly weight goal despite so many temptations and challenges this week!

My colleague mentioned that my face already looks different so that boosts my confidence to move along with Isagenix towards achieving my target weight (10kg loss before NZ trip in October!)

So now will be about maintaining the weight until end of this week. That is the most challenging part.

Still that is only 1 out of 3 weekly goal that I set. My other 2 targets are 3L water and 3x exercise… That means I have to exercise both Saturday & Sunday to catch up with my targets.

Here are my progress so far:

Day #13 Isagenix trial

Weight: 72.9kg

Waist: 37.5″

So happy to see my weight this morning! Of course I had hoped that my weight will go down below 73kg but after my weight yesterday morning I thought it would be a slim chance of it happening! But looks like Cleansing Day helped me to get rid of the weight and achieved my target 😍

Yet I’m determined to lose even more so I continued Cheat Cleanse (Cheat because I had Starbucks Frappocino in the afternoon and had quill eggs at dinner, but at the same time making sure I took Cleanse right after, drank 3.6L water and not taking carbs). I think this week Cleansing is less demanding on my body during the first day compared to the first week Cleansing.

Btw I weighed myself again in the evening after coming back from grocery shopping. My weight has dropped to 72.6kg 😁

Hope it will go down further tomorrow and then maintain for the rest of the week 😌

Day #12 Isagenix trial

Weight: 74kg 😢

What I was scared of happened – I can't blame anyone else but myself for this weight gain this morning because I had heavy dinner last night 😭

Instead of going for a jog as earlier intended, I brought the family out to dinner at Nu Hotel and now I paid the price in the form of weight gain back to 74kg!

Sigh. Still, I'm not giving up yet. Today is cleansing day so there's still hope for me. Plus I moved a lot and drank more than 3L of plain water today 👏🏻👏🏻

Just before going to bed, I took double Cleanse to me get rid of toxins from my body while I sleep. And my weight tonight is 73.3kg!

Hope it'll go down to 72kg tomorrow! 😍

Day #11 Isagenix trial

Weight: 73.5kg

I almost didn't complete my goal of drinking 3L of water today as it was a really busy day. By this time my body has adjusted to being hydrated that I noticed myself getting parched when I failed to drink enough.

Sadly I couldn't stay away from heavy dinner since we had dinner outside. Once I reached home, then only regret took hold of me especially after reading so many success stories in the WA group. Hoping my weight will still maintain tomorrow morning 😢

Btw tomorrow is cleansing day and I hope I could lose more weight this upcoming 2 days.

Day #10 Isagenix Trial

Weight: 73.5kg
Waist: 38"

Still maintained 73kg range, thank fully, even after I broke the rule and ate a small slice of pizza on top of half a cup of rice + fried chicken in tomato gravy for dinner.

What I did yesterday was get moving. In the evening I went for a jog, followed by a short session of tabata workout. That was equivalent to 37mins of active moves.

This week my resolution is to drink 3L of water daily, get active 3x this week and drop my weight to 72kg. Harap-harap dipermudahkan!